Family Fun Swim = Family Bonding Time

Enjoy them, they grow up too fast as it is...

Family Fun Swim Days are designed to allow the whole family to come in and enjoy a day in the pool, the indoor heated pool that is.  

Family Fun Swim is a two hour event at our indoor facility with the pool loaded with pool toys, rafts, blow ups, music playing, and a whole lot of fun.

Check out when your local school is holding their next family Fun Swim!

Upcoming Dates

Nevada School

Summerlin - March 10th, 2019 & March 24th, 2019

Henderson - March 10th 2019 & March 30th, 2019

Centennial - March 24th, 2019

California Schools

Northridge - March 10th 2019 & March 30th 2019

Agoura Hills -  March 24th, 2019